Monday, 13 May 2013

Out of its Skin etc

Ocellated Lizard enjoying the sun and shedding its skin

Whilst having breakfast this morning we noticed an Ocellated Lizard crawl out from under our roof tiles and begin basking in the warm sunshine.  It was also shedding its skin.  We have known for some time that we have many of this large species on our property either living in drains or in the roof.  In the garden a pair of Woodchat Shrikes are together again and let's hope they nest as well as last year.

Bee-eater - one of the new colony
Two pairs of Woodchat Shrikes were on territory and a single female Red-backed Shrike was also present on vine wires.

Female Red-backed Shrike

There seemed to be a lot more Turtle Doves about most picking up grit on the roads.

Turtle Doves
The weather has been very warm today so let's hope it carries on tomorrow.

Coming back from Olonzac later mornign two Black Kites were hunting over vineyards and a male Montagu's Harrier was over the garrigue.  I checked the vineyards in the eveing and there are definitely about 4 pairs of Bee-eaters which have formed a new colony.

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