Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Snowbird in the Sunshine

Paul Williams joined me today and we set off for Pic de Nore with a particular bird in mind.  I had not seen this species for well over 20 years.

The amazing view from Pic de Nore
Reaching the summit we were immediately struck by the amazing view.  All around the valleys and lower ground was covered with cloud.  We had anticipated cold weather but it was wonderfully warm.  A pair of Black Redstarts caught our eye near the car park.

Male Black Redstart
We set off walking away from, the car park and immediately a bird got up flying high above us.  At once I could see its white wings with black tips and called "Snow Finch".The bird circled around and finally landed in front of us.  To our utter amazement we were able to watch and photograph this much sought after species.

Snow Finch
Snow Finch again
After over an hour enjoying this bird we wandered around to see what else we could find.  We added 4 Citril Finches flying over calling, 3 Meadow Pipits, 2 Crested Tits and a few Coal Tits.  We started our descent after a picnic lunch and headed  towards Citou.  We heard Marsh Tit singing and saw Buzzards and Jays by the roadside.  We arrived at Citou and climbed to the castle.

Citou Castle
Citou is a know site for Wallcreeper in winter and we looked hard.  None today but a lovely Alpine Accentor.  What a great day and 2 lifers for Paul,

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  1. Stunning view of the undercast from Pic de Nore. And great pics of the Snow Finch.

    At what altitude was the finch?