Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Norfolk Boys in the Snow

Blue Rock Thrush
This morning's plan was to go looking for the Snow Finch on Pic de Nore.  Low cloud and persistent sleet meant we could only walk around the historical village of Minerve.  We were immediately lucky to find 2 male Blue Rock Thrushes on the Gorge Brian walls.  Moving down into the gorge there were lots of Blackcaps as usual and a superb view of a Firecrest.  The highlight for me was a Dipper the first I have seen in this area.

White-out in my garden.

We finally gave up as the weather got worse and the Norfolk Boys departed to the coast in the hope of better weather and more birds.  After that the weather got worse and worse with heavy snow laying everywhere.  Quite a rare event around here.

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