Sunday, 7 October 2012

Wildlife Trusts take positive action for Badgers

I am so impressed with the Wildlife Trusts and their positive action on the Badger and TB in cattle issue.  As well as lobbying for the ridiculous Government action to be stopped many of the 47 Trusts and especially those like Gloucestershire and Somerset are vaccinating Badgers on their land against TB.The named Trusts are of course in the target area for immediate culling of these animals.  These Trusts have also made it clear that no animals will be culled on their reserves.

This action is commendable and whilst acknowledging that TB in cattle herds is distressing for farmers and their livelihoods they are prepared to take scientific backed action to try and address the situation.

My only criticism of the Wildlife Trusts is that although news of this action is on their website it is not hitting the national media headlines in the same way that the NFU led publicity about culling has done.  The general public deserve to know that conservationists are not just protesting without doing something very positive to address this problem for farmers and Badgers.

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