Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Disgrace of Policeman turned Egg Collector

Upson travelled to North Wales to steal Chough eggs.

There can be nothing worse than a "bent copper"and when we hear occasionally of corrupt policemen it always sends a shock through the system.  For the wildlife community the discovery today that  an officer from my native Suffolk has been found guilty of stealing the eggs of protected bird species is very shocking indeed.  Colin Upson 52 of Sotherton, Suffolk had collected 650 wild birds eggs including species such as Golden Eagle, Cettis Warbler, Hawfinch and Chough whilst travelling around the UK.  Perhaps the most shocking news was that most of the eggs were collected in Suffolk whilst he was carrying out his police duties.  These included Woodlark, Marsh Harrier and Kittiwake eggs the latter being taken from Lowestoft Pier. Although he had detailed records of his crimes hidden away he tried to claim that the eggs belonged to a relative and were taken when it was not against the law.

Upson took the eggs of Marsh Harrier in Suffolk

Upson was allowed to retire before this case came to court and it is therefore understood that he is receiving his full pension.  This frankly adds insult to injury and one hopes when he is sentenced that he will get the maximum of six months in jail.  When a serving police officer knowingly breaks the law it weakens the trust that the public have for authority. 

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  1. Send him over here. The boys in lock-up in The States love a bent copper.