Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Wildlife Photography

Siskin in my Salem garden

I am often asked what gear I am using for taking photographs.  I am completely unsophisticated and merely use a Sigma SD14 camera and a Sigma 150-500mm F6.3 stabilised zoom lens.

Indian Black Ibis - photographed from a boat on the Chambal River, India

I have only taken photography seriously during the last 10 years or so.  Before that I was a fanatical bird ringer until I was struck down with dreadful back problems.  Two spinal operations followed and bending under a mist net was out of the question so that is when photography came in useful and began to occupy my time.  The stabilised lens is a huge benefit as I can avoid lugging a tripod around on most occasions.

Timber Wolf - photographed from inside the vehicle at Banff National Park, Canada

I know I could spend a lot of money on more sophisticated equipment but what I have is a nice compromise and allows me to take it with me all over The World.   Airlines are so restrictive on the weight and size of cabin baggage nowadays. 

Great Green Bush Cricket - photographed oin the terrace of my house in Southern France.

I am so glad that people like looking at my photographs -  it helps to be told they are OK otherwise it is all self judgemental.

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