Saturday, 17 December 2011

Busy before Xmas

I have spent the last two days travelling up to London and amongst other thinks recorded the last ever BBC Radio 4 Home Planet.  The programme has run for 12 years but now the BBC has brought down the axe.  It seems a pity as it is pretty cheap to make and embraces so many members of the public sending in really stimulating questions. This programme goes out on January 3rd at 3pm.

Dunlin but not accompanied by a Sharp-tailed Sandpiper

I called in at Blagdon Lake in Somerset today to try again to see the Sharp-tailed Sandpiper which has been lurking there all this week.  Guess what?  Yes it was not there - nor anywhere else it seems. Dipped yet again.  Lots of lovely wildfowl, Lapwings and a few Dunlin.

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  1. Hi Derek
    Always enjoy following your blog and am always impressed with your images,out of interest what camera gear are you using these days for your bird photography?

    Jeff Slocombe (Maesteg)