Sunday, 25 September 2011

Feeding Time

Griffon Vulture
Yesterday I took a drive down to the Corbieres where Jonathan Kemp was going to show me a vulture feeding station.  We left Limoux and headed south to near Bugarach.  the weather was unkind at first and heavy rain falling as we climbed the hill where offal from a local abbatoir was to be laid out.  The stench was awful as Jonathan dragged the boxes of offal to the feeding area.  Soaking wet we were glad to exit and head for the viewing area some distance away.  Still raining groups of people arrived to view the spectacle with birds already arriving.

Jonathan takes out the food

The horde arrive - photo Jacques Laurens

This LPO organised activity was first set up to assist Egyptian Vultures which are very rare in the Aude district with only a pair or two nesting.  Griffon Vultures have taken advantage of this bonanza and have now started nesting in the region.  Also a Black Vulture has appeared at the feeding station fairly regularly.

Egyptian Vulture

Black Vultures
Despite the damp start the weather dried up and eventually we counted 86 Griffon Vultures gathered on the free food.  They cleared up the meal very quickly and then all moved to a nearby hillside meadow to rest.  Two of the birds sat in a tree which I cannot remember seeing before.  Gradually the birds moved off and the assembled watchers were all very excited with what they had seen.

Vulture watchers
The LPO are to be congratulated in instigating the venture.  Their efforts are ensuring that vulture species are once again soaring above the skies in this beautiful part of France.

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  1. Is it possible to find out when the birds are fed in advance? Thanks