Saturday, 7 June 2014

Some Time At Home Again

Good to be home from hospital again and now waiting for my third chemotherapy session next Friday. Grey Heron became species number 13 seen from my hospital window this week but it has been the large numbers of Jackdaws nesting in the hospital buildings that have caught my interest lately.

Grey Heron

Their vocalisations have been very obvious and I must admit I had not bothered to take notice before.  Young in the nest produce a very high pitched strident call which an sound a bit like a group of parakeets in the distance.  Once they have fledged they do sound more like the adults. It is stimulating what you can learn from a common bird when you spend a lot of time watching them.


What has been depressing is to hear of news that Natural England are dealing with requests to shoot Buzzards to protect commercially reared pheasant poults and Red Kites at an RAF base.

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