Sunday, 25 May 2014

Battling On

I am home from hospital again after my second chemotherapy session shattered but OK.  I suffered complications after the last sessions so back in hospital on Tuesday for observation and monitoring.  I am making progress and on plan with the next session on June 13th.

My friend Bob Abrams sent me this shot of a superb Scarlet Tanager from Ohio just to cheer me up

I have missed the spring and birds terribly.  A few Swifts from my hospital window keep me interested and the occasional Red Kite and Buzzard pass by.  Young Jackdaws are everywhere in the grounds.  I will report more when it happens.


  1. You are in my thoughts. Take care.

  2. Is that what that bird is I sent you? Thanks for the ID. As Martinik use to say, no bird should be that beautiful. I hope it inspires you to come with us back to Ohio next May. Think about it, please. And keep getting better. The birds need you.