Sunday, 20 April 2014

Good Garden Bird - Calgary style

Still enjoying the sunshine and home comforts and lots of goodwill messages.  Thanks everyone.

Merlin with Waxwing prey

My son Jeremy sent me this picture taken in his Calgary garden yesterday. Merlin would be a good tick in any garden but with a Bohemian Waxwing as prey is something else.


  1. Poor waxwing, I though Canadian birds were nicer than this merlin!

    1. Not a question of nice they all have to eat to stay alive. In the Natural World everything eats something else.

    2. I know. on a eagle nes t webcam on Friday I saw the eagle parents dissect, eat and feed their eaglets with a duck and an egg popped out of the duck!

  2. The Merlin Jeremy has the pleasure to have as a dinner guest is one of the prize birds of the American West. It is called the Prairie Merlin. The males, which this bird is, is a stunning powder blue color. He could not have picked a more beautiful prey item. Two of the finest raptors and prey items I have seen at the same table.