Sunday, 16 March 2014

The Mediterranean Comes To Wales

The Great Spotted Cuckoo at Penally

I finally weakened and feeling up to it drove down to Penally near Tenby in a quest for a Mediterranean visitor.  The bird in question was an adult Great Spotted Cuckoo.  A spectacular creature which should be in Spain, Portugal or Mediterranean France just now.  These are really interesting birds migrating north from Africa in February and laying eggs in the nests of Magpies.  Having done that most of the adults have moved back to Africa by June.  An extraordinary life history.  This visitor to Wales must have lost its bearings and overshot Europe to arrive near Tenby to delight many people birders, golfers and walkers alike.


  1. Hello all that read this blog. I'm Bob Abrams, Derek's buddy from the US.

    He hasn't been posting due to his illness that he has mentioned on here several times. He is in the hospital recovering from some tests that he was given that required some surgery. Within a week or so he will be back home and most likely will give us all an update on how things are going.

    Until then keep Derek and Beryl in your thoughts, please. And cheer for Norwich.


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