Saturday, 22 February 2014

New Bird For Carmarthenshire

I decided to spend the morning at WWT Penclacwydd as I was feeling in need of some air.  I made my way to the Heron's Wing Hide where I met up with Wendell and others and then we proceeded to the Scott Hide to see if there had been any Bittern sightings.  Well there had and we did not have to wait long before a Bittern appeared on the reed edge but keeping pretty much concealed amongst reedmace and small bushes. We must have watched it for ten minutes at least.  I found my 150-500mm lens would not focus on the bird because of vegetation but my learned companions with their bridge cameras seemed to get good results.  I must get one.

Bittern photographed at Minsmere, Suffolk
Not much else to report except that ducks were looking good in breeding plumage and beginning to gather in pairs.  Gadwall, Tufted, Pochard and Teal all looking good but a male Shoveler was especially superb showing off his enormous bill.

Shoveler - What a bill!
The Bittern was species 199 on my Carmarthenshire List - what will be number 200 I wonder.

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