Sunday, 6 October 2013

Hare Brained

A bit more on my possible Mountain Hare a day or two back.  Roy Dennis has confirmed that his research suggests that the wild population from the Alps is still in decline so if my animal is what I think it is it is still a mystery.

Red-legged Partridge with leg ring.

Talking to friend Stuart Gregory he tells me that the local Red-legged Partridge population is augmented annually by massive releases just like Pheasants in the UK.  That would explain a photograph I have of a ringed Red-legged Partridge. At least the partridge is a native species.  Stuart has also been trying to establish two rabbit warrens on his land in conjunction with local hunters.  The main reason for this is to try and ensure plenty of prey for the local pair of Bonelli's Eagles.  Stuart has been amazed to hear that the rabbits will be obtained from breeders and he reckons that the stock may not be locally resourced or indeed pure wild stock.  It is therefore reasonable to assume that my Mountain Hare was part of a release and may have been a hybrid or indeed anything else.

Brown Hare

Possible Mountain Hare

I include photographs of my hare again and a Brown Hare for comparison.

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