Thursday, 18 July 2013

Maybe - Maybe Not

Still very hot but I took a drive in the hills above Minerve.  I drove a rough track to the top of a heather covered peak and waited and watched.  Plenty of Woodlarks about and also a family party of Stonechats.  Cirl Buntings too were still singing.  Suddenly a large dark raptor appeared to my left plummeting fast down the hillside.  I only saw it for about 4 seconds before it disappeared below me.  If you asked me to guess what it was I would have said a hunting Golden Eagle.  Sadly I did not see enough.  Maybe it was or Maybe it wasn't.

Coming home I almost ran over a super Hoopoe feeding by the roadside near my house.

This evening I went looking for the Eagle owl I saw last week but no luck.  Instead I was treated to a super display by a female Nightjar.

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