Friday, 7 June 2013

Badgers up against it again

The vote taken in Westminster on Wednesday on the Badger cull in the West Country supported the action.  This was no surprise as there was a three line whip in operation.  So the politicians continue to ignore the science and make their decision based on keeping their farming and land owning supporters sweet.

Badgers - Thank goodness that Plaid Cymru are not currently in power in Wales

I wrote to my own MP Jonathan Edwards a Plaid Cymru member for Carmarthenshire East & Dinefwr. His reply was lengthy but entirely predictable.  He never once mentions the science and warnings of those eminent men who have worked on Badgers and Bovine TB for the Government.  One can only surmise then that his decision not to support a vote to stop the cull was based entirely on him keeping the dairy industry going at all costs.  His letter made it clear that agriculture comes before all  else.  How sad that this lot of miserable politicians acted so negatively even after the launch last week of The State of Nature  report and the dire message which were contained within it. The message is clear we cannot depend on politicians to do much for our wildlife so what next?

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