Saturday, 9 June 2012

Owls after a day of Sport

I have been a real couch potato today.  I have tried to watch Test match cricket, French Open tennis, Australia v Wales rugby and 2 Euro 2012 football matches.  I managed to see most of all.

Barn Owl - photo Brian Barker

Feeling guilty I took a short walk of about 100 metres up the lane by our house and was absolutely chuffed to find 2 Barn Owls hunting over the meadows.  I saw the birds several times but did not see them catch any prey so I was not able to ascertain where they might be nesting.  My neighbour Rob has put up several boxes but did not think any are being used.  They obviously now have young so we will keep looking.  Two Tawny Owls also started up quite a racket from the wooded areas making the whole experience very enjoyable.

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