Thursday 5 January 2012

Flood waters rise

I popped out locally this morning to pick up some new specs and called in at Dryslwyn and Cilsan Bridge.  Gail force winds still perpetuate and most birds with the exception of 3 Red Kites and the swans were keeping their heads down.  The Tywi has burst its banks in several places and flooding exists over a lot of the valley.

The Tywi in flood in a previous year

An exception at Dryslwyn Bridge were 3 Little Egrets feeding together on the margins of floodwater.  Although breeding has been suspected in the valley in the past they are still worth recording in this area.

Little Egrets

Back home on the feeders I have not seen any Marsh or Willow Tits for some time.  I hope I have not lost them.

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