Tuesday, 30 August 2011

A Wonderful Morning

Another glorious warm sunny morning.

After a quick visit to Olonzac market I returned to sit on a shady seat and just take in the myriads of butterflies in the garden.  There were familiar Meadow Browns and Large Whites but also Clouded Yellows, Swallowtails, Great Banded Graylings and Chalkhill Blues.


I also noted a small fritillary which had me stumbling around with the camera.  I concluded it was a Spotted Fritillary which should be quite common in this area.

Spotted Fritillary

Spotted Fritillary

Whilst doing all this the air echoed to the calls of migrating Bee-eaters and 26 Honey Buzzards heading south in wonderful light.  We can look forward to more of them I hope over the next few days.

Hone Buzzard

In the meantime thanks to my friend Ian Dawson who ha identified the peculiar green spider which spent several days in my lounge here in the spring.  It is Micrommata lingurina a Southern European species which has turned up in the UK probably brought in with imported vegetables etc.

The green spider

Spiders and other insects are beginning to fascinate me so I must start some other lists.

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