Friday, 24 June 2011

Hunting for Fledglings

With the final phase of the BTO Atlas upon us there are scores of birders searching tetrads for proof of species breeding.  I have been doing some of this in the past day or so and it is very rewarding.  Everywhere you look for signs of nesting.  From singing birds in suitable territory to birds carrying food for their young.

Female Common Redstart with food

The ultimate of course is to find fledged young which prove beyond all doubt that nesting has taken place in your square.  Even with the current cool and damp weather here it is still possible to achieve the ultimate.  Today in one tetrad I found fledglings of 11 species.  Very gratifying.

Common Redstart fledgling
Now if the weather is OK tomorrow out to another area and more hunting for signs of nesting.

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