Tuesday, 17 May 2011

What a Dreadful Gloomy Day

We eventually returned from France late last night having been delayed for 5 hours.  The problem was that the front stairs which stack back into the plane would not budge.  We waited for hours until a portly engineer arrived on a flight from Luton.  Expecting some electronic wizardry we were all amazed when he merely grabbed both sides of the staircase and banged it up and down until it rehoused itself back into the fuselage of the aircraft.  It took less than 5 minutes.  No rocket science then!  Apparently he is the only person authorised to do this. He then scuttled off back on the return flight to Luton. Hmm!

Things not much better this morning with drizzle and rain and low cloud.  Where is the great weather you have all been having?  A lone Red Kite beat its way clumsily over the town at Llandeilo as I left the dentist (more depression) but not much else as far as birds are concerned.

Back in the garden a Willow Warbler was singing its plaintive song and a Blackbird was extracting a worm from the lawn.  That's it!

Let us hope tomorrow is better.

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